Words make you think. Music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought.” - E.Y. Harburg

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NIca rica on the flow

Jessica Obregon, the latin bombshell known as Jessi-O, was born in Managua, Nicaragua and raised in Miami, Florida. She is an up and coming singer and songwriter known widely for her strong dance skills in the entertainment industry as a professional dancer and choreographer. Jessi-O is no stranger to the spotlight. She lives and thrives in it since the age of seven years old. Her love for music, movement, and writing started at a very young age and has developed throughout her adult years. After many years of experimenting with music genres and performing in numerous venues, events and tv, Jessi-O is finally honoring her latin roots with her new music! 

It is a new era and she knows it! The rising star is pouring her heart and soul into each single. She wants her fans to enjoy, to escape, and to connect with each song she puts out. Her first official single was released on July 23, 2021, Kucheza. Kucheza is a fusion of latin pop and reggaeton with a touch of dancehall vibes. The lyrics and melodies are fun, sexy and quiet romantic. The feedback from her peers and her fans were off the charts! This really gave her the confidence to continue making music for the Latin American community. In 2022, she released an unexpected heartfelt song, La Mascarada which she performed at the biggest Latin festival in Miami; Calle Ocho Music Festival. La Mascarada is an all around eclectic song with captivating lyrics. 

The songstress keeps putting out riveting singles time after time. Up next is her latest single, Atrevida, set to release on February 13th 2023 on iTunes and on all digital platforms. Jessi-O sets out to dominate the music industry as a multi-talented bilingual artist. Look out for the music video. Stay tuned for show dates, new Merchandise and more ground breaking music!

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